About SEO

MarketingAzureus Hosting & Website Solutions is a leader in the field of online marketing is proved by our ranking in Google. We have been consistently outperforming our competitors for searches with industry related keywords like Web Design, Web Development, SEO and Online Marketing, which are the most relevant keywords in our highly competitive industry. Our website, www.azureushosting.com.au is at the top bracket of websites in Australia and the World in Google rankings. You should assign your online marketing and website promotion jobs to a company capable of handling the same and naturally you should trust only those Internet Marketing companies who appear at the top of search engine result lists.

Azureus Hosting & Website Solutions has a well managed team of over 100 seasoned professionals. Our team works with a strategic approach involving the following steps:


    • Scoping & Research
    • Analysis of Scope and Research Findings
    • Overall Planning of the Project
    • Addition of Innovative Features
    • Detailed Design
    • Development & Implementation
    • Testing & Monitoring



Online Marketing


The term Online Marketing aims at marketing through the web 24 hours a day 7 days a week without any holiday or seasonal break throughout the year. It is synonymous with other terms like Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, e-Marketing or Search Engine Marketing. Marketing features like promotion of products/services, stimulation of growth, focus on the prospective market segment etc. are the common elements. We at Azureus Hosting & Website Solutions adopt various Online Marketing strategies to boost business of our clients to name a few:


  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click
  • Email Marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Linkages
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Directories and Portals
  • Video Marketing
  • Web 2.0


Being a highly specialized branch of Information Technology, Online Marketing involves state of the art web technologies. At the same time, without application of innovative techniques of marketing all the hi-tech efforts can be fruitless. Azureus Hosting & Website Solutions has a team having appropriate balance between both the sets of expertise.


Can Online Marketing Help Your Business?


In Australia, almost all the industry has started using Online Marketing. It is going to become the most chosen method of marketing worldwide because of the inherent benefits. Online Marketing helps you address specific segments of the market. You can communicate with your customers and prospects instantly and effectively. Due to ever-increasing popularity of Internet and swelling of broadband users in Australia, you can now reach more than 60% of Australian households if you adopt Online Marketing. The Internet savvy world today demands everything readily and instantly so, no company can afford to discard the benefits of Online Marketing.

Online Marketing outperforms traditional means of marketing through Yellow Pages, TV, Radio and Printed Publications in many ways. Your entry cost is low and at the same time you get faster response and turn around time when you go for Internet Marketing. Today, more than 80% of Australians are Internet users. There is no better mode of finding websites than the Search Engines. Close to 90% websites are located by users through searches. Some of the benefits of Online Marketing are highlighted below:


  • Global reach
  • Quick and easy distribution of information
  • Low cost
  • Reduction in human resources
  • Measurable results
  • Fast response and turn around time
  • Boosted sales orders or enquiries via eCommerce
  • Revenue growth
  • Increased profit & better return on investment
  • Contact Azureus and allow us to explain how your particular kind of business can benefit from Online Marketing.




Consulting About Online Marketing


Online Marketing is now occupying a leading position among various marketing methods. It has already become a billion dollar industry. This has happened because:


  • Number of Internet users has grown rapidly
  • Security has improved towards combating frauds
  • Consumers’ trust on online shopping has increased
  • Consumers are spending more time online
  • A significant Australian population is finding the products or services they buy through search engines


Yes, the above picture is true. But since many companies are trying to take the advantage out of this scenario, the number of sellers in the net has also skyrocketed. So, how do you distinguish yourself? How not to be lost in the crowd?

You have to employ the right professionals to meet the challenge of successful Online Marketing. You can’t do it alone. You need help of a team of professionals consisting of qualified and experienced people working in a well managed company. You have to check which Online Marketing company has a consistent track record of providing results.

If the company you’d like to take as your online marketing partner is not able to get their own website listed among the top in the search engine results, how can they help you to do the same?


Invite the Online Marketing Experts


Do you know the history of Azureus Hosting & Website Solutions? We have built many great looking websites with excellent features. We have a team of professionals, who are experts in Web Design, Website Development, Online Marketing, Content Writing, SEO and Project Management. The websites delivered by us have consistently performed well in achieving SEO results and have generated unforeseen income for their owners. Many of them have achieved 200% to 1000% Return on Investment (ROI) within the very first year of employing Azureus Hosting & Website Solutions. Rest assured that we are capable of helping you to achieve similar business growths by tailoring the appropriate strategy for your Online Marketing like our other customers.

Our satisfied customers are ready to testify our performance. We also get references from them. You may confirm these facts by contacting one of our clients directly. We would be pleased to provide you the necessary contact details. You would agree that you should be genuinely interested to partner with us for your Online Marketing needs before bothering our satisfied clients.


How Can Email Marketing Help?


Email Marketing is a cost effective, fast and efficient method of marketing. The target segment of the population i.e., the potential customers, can be approached by sending well designed Emails. The cost of Emailing is much lesser than that of telephone calls or snail mails. In addition, Emails are directly delivered at their desktop or laptop of the customer or prospect, whenever they open their Email Account from anywhere they go. Email Marketing, essentially, can boost customer relationships, enhance client loyalty, increase repeat orders and also stimulate new business by way of broadening of the client-base.


Doing Email Marketing Professionally


To be able to use Email Marketing professionally, one has to take recourse to paid services from experienced service providers. Professionals can help you launch and manage your Email Marketing campaign with quantitative results. You will be able to measure your Return on Investment. Your promotions, invitations, mail-outs, Newsletter and business communications can reach bulk recipients instantly. You can not only gain direct or indirect business from the responses you receive, but also, you can measure the quantum of response without any dependence on manual processing.

Templates for Emails can be developed taking into consideration the image of your company and brand. The templates can also be designed for attracting attention of specific market segment or recipient group. Email messages can also be automatically generated from your website when a visitor clicks on certain button or link, which may be an alert to your marketing professional or a thank you response to the prospective customer. So, when your Email Marketing is integrated with your website the web contents like articles, news, product details and testimonials or event information regarding promotions etc. can be pulled from the website into the Email or Newsletter and sent to the visitor’s Email address.  With quick links provided in such Emails or Newsletters the prospect can return back to your website very easily to view the contents again or even place an order.


How Do We Serve You?

We provide you email marketing campaigns customized to unique nature of your business and marketing needs. Our flexible email marketing system can be tailored to the needs of any modern day business.

Our email marketing system empowers you to manage a number of subscriber groups. While the newsletters and emails can be auto-generated from your website based on certain visitor action, subscriber lists can also be drawn from business databases or social networking systems applying suitable techniques.  We help you to maintain subscriber lists as per market segments based on demographics like geographic region, personal interests, product preferences, personal attributes like age, weight and height etc. suited for well targeted campaigns, which in turn provide you more return on your investment.  We also help you to manage your customer lists. Data can be imported from or exported to MS Excel format.

Emails can be classified and stored and scheduled to be sent to the target prospects as per well thought plans and/or matching with certain events.
We can design for you reporting features to empower you to track the campaign status in terms of number of emails sent, number of emails responded to, number of emails opened by the recipient and number that have bounced.