Search Engine Optimisation

GoogleThere are elements of both art and science in Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO).  SEO consists of several techniques to produce better ranking of websites in search engine results. There are about 300 factors that are looked for in websites by search engines like Google.  If your website hasn’t been injected with all the SEO potions in correct doses then you are not being ranked well in Google search.

We at Azureus Hosting & Website Solutions have the complete know how to implement the appropriate SEO strategy for any website. Are you interested to improve the ranking of your website in search engine results?  Do you want more traffic to your online marketing agent – your website?  You can count on us for doing just that! SEO Service Providers, mostly, misguide you by keeping you in the dark about what SEO techniques they apply in your website. We’ll let you know the steps we are going to take after convincing you how successfully they have worked for us or for our customers.

Step 1. Consultation

The initial consultation is very important, especially if you're not familiar with Search Engine Optimisation. Without an excellent understanding of your business and your objectives, our hands are tied. We will study your business, your competition, and current state of the industry, in an effort to develop the most effective SEO strategy for your company.

Step 2. Competitive Research

We research your competitors Search Engine Optimisation strategies, and identify the marketing strategy we need to implament into your website to rank highly on Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

Step 3. Onpage SEO

Page Titles
Website Description
Outbound Links
Inbound Links
Anchor Text Optimisation
Image Tags
Keyword Proximity Unique Non-Spammy Content
Internal Link Structure
CSS, PHP and Javascript
Anchor Text Optimisation

Step 4. SEO

Search Engine Submissions
General Directories Submission
Business Directories Submission
Competitor Link Audits
Articles Submission
Anchor Text and Link Saturation Reports
Social Bookmarketing
Google Webmaster setup
Yahoo Webmaster setup
Bing Webmaster setup

Step 5. Tracking & Reports

On Page Optimisation Reports
Google Analytics Reports
Search engine submissions Reports
Link building Reports
Social Bookmarking Reports
Current Ranking Reports