Content Management System


JoomlaCMS stands for Content Management System and is used for storing and controlling various contents like images, texts, audio files, video files, and other web contents through a well designed console enabling users to add, edit and delete contents from a website. CMSs are Application Programming Interfaces developed in a structured and modular way for managing aforesaid contents without any programming background through access control systems operated using administrative logins.

While there are many CMS available today, Azureus Hosting & Website Solutions uses Joomla, which is one of the most popular CMS for handling commercial websites as well as for general purpose uses. Joomla is an Open Source CMS and is regarded as one of the most convenient one with good security protection and versatility of use.

CMS makes maintenance and updating of websites a simpler job compared to yesteryears when websites had to be supported by expert software personnel for updating of information and maintenance. Although these activities are simpler now, there must be some control through restrictions on users and user groups to protect certain contents. You achieve such controls under professional guidance from Azureus Hosting & Website Solutions.


Why Take CMS From Azureus?

The CMS delivered to you by Azureus Hosting & Website Solutions is configured and tailored according to your particular needs. While tailoring the CMS, the synchronization with the overall plan drawn for your website is maintained by our web development team because every business has its own nature and circumstances.  The flexibility to put together your solution also offers you a faster turn around time in building your website.

WYSIWYG is a feature of your web based CMS software. This means “What You See Is What You Get”. This enables the administrator to visualize at the time of composing itself how the web contents will look like through web browsers. The administrator can edit font size, text, colour and position in the content editor’s screen. The Azureus CMS provides you with the scalable sets of features so that various modules may be plugged in and components expanded on the basis of a set of attributes. Our CMS also has advanced templates, application of which enables your administrator to switch between styles, shapes, backgrounds and colours just on clicks of mouse buttons.

Contact Azureus Hosting & Website Solutions today to learn more about how our customized CMS can help your webmaster update and maintain contents in your website online.